PD-L requesting Parliament leaders to convene on Wednesday to consider referendum on Parliament reform

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase on Monday said the MP group of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) is requesting the convention of the standing bureaus of the two chambers of Parliament on Wednesday, 13:00, to consider President Traian Base scu’s request that a referendum be called on a unicameral parliament.

‘This is the right approach, to which I subscribe. It is a natural approach in the current context, and what I mean is that Parliament has to make a pronouncement on such an important theme. The approach regards the Parliament itself and there should be an official stand on the issue.

I do not think we have to resort to bureaucratic procedures to block such an approach, and that is why we are requesting that the standing bureaus of Parliament convene in a joint session on Wednesday at 13:00,’ said Anastase.
She mentioned that there was an attempt to hold the joint session of the standing bureaus on Monday, but the session was delayed by Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana.

President Traian Basescu on September 23 requested the opinion of the chairs of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate on holding a referendum on the same day as the presidential election on reducing Parliament to a unicameral body of at most 300 members. ‘Not long ago, I addressed the chairs of the two chambers asking them for their approval of my continuing the reform of the State.

Their approval is necessary in order to call a national referendum in which the people, the sovereign people as the Constitution describes it, will voice their option on two things:
first, reducing Parlier to a one-chamber body, and second reducing the number of parliamentary seats to a maximum of 300, from a current 471,’ President Basescu told a news conference back then.

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