PM Boc informs ruling coalition of plan to reshuffle Interior Minister Nica

Prime Minister Emil Boc has informed on Monday and consulted the ruling coalition of Democrat Liberals (PD-L) and Social Democrats (PSD) of his plans to remove Interior Minister Dan Nica.

The prime minister has announced he asked the Social Democrats to propose another person for the Interior and Administration (MAI) portfolio in 24 hours.

The decision to remove Nica follows remarks he had made with respect to possible electoral fraud at the presidential elections due in November because of repeated voting and also as a result of the higher crime rate.

‘Firstly, the governance programme states that the MAI task is to increase the citizens’ safety and protection. Unfortunately, the citizens’ safety has deteriorated over the last period seriously.

The people feel threatened in the street and in other places, the crime rate has risen at least 13 percent this year from the last, the street has gone out of control, violent criminal behaviour has stepped up and most notably there are crimes we haven’t had so far, like armed robbery.

That is why we need a fresh impetus with respect to re-gaining the citizen’s confidence in what the state management and its protection means; we need to win the battle with the street and make the citizen feel safe again’, he stressed.

Boc said that Nica’s remarks that somebody is preparing to rig the presidential elections by using repeated voting are serious, groundless and unjustified and they question the legitimacy and lawfulness of the presidential balloting.

‘I have asked the interior minister to provide official information and – unfortunately or fortunately, it depends – such remarks have not been confirmed. We made our own inquiry, the news media did too, so that the interior minister’s allegations are totally unsubstantiated’, the prime minister said.

He announced he had proposed that the interior minister be removed and had asked the Social Democratic Party to make a fresh proposal for the job in 24 hours, in line with the protocol of the ruling coalition.

‘Should the party fail to make such a proposal, I’ll have to choose the solution of a caretaker minister… I thank Mr Dan Nica for the cooperation we had, but as a prime minister I have to take care of the citizen’s interest and security and of the fact that there should be no suspicion whatsoever in Romania with respect to the future presidential ballot and to its importance for the democratic life of Romania’, Boc said.

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