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PM Boc: Position of Interior Minister and vice-premier is of PSD, there is no interim position for the time being

The portfolios of minister of the Interior and vice-premier belong to the Social-Democratic Party, PSD, and the decision of the nomination of someone to replace Dan Nica belongs to that party, according to the Protocol of the coalition, said on Monday, after the meeting of the National Standing Bureau of the Liberal-Democratic Party, PD-L, PM Emil Boc.

But he warned that if the Social-Democrats will not want to do this, they will create the premises for a political crisis.
The prime minister also said that there is no interim position for these posts, but after a period of 24 hours, he will make a decision, „taking into account the human resources in the government.

„There is no interim position at the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior. (…) We have 24 hours and if they make no decision, we will see what solution we have, taking into account what human resources I have in the government,” said Boc.

The prime-minister underlined that he acted institutionally, informing the PSD leaders about his decision, in line with the protocol.
The head of the government reproached Interior minister Dan Nica that „he wants to do away with an image of suspicion connected to the presidential poll.”

„I have had talks with minister of the Interior and vice-premier Dan Nica, when there were all kinds of allegations regarding I do not what archives and I asked more rationality and responsibility. The statements about rigging have been repeated now, with no sure date, with no element of support.

So, we have a minister of the Interior who only wants to let an image of suspicion as regards the presidential poll, or we have a minister who really wants to mind his business,” said Boc.

He mentioned that he had talks with Nica on Saturday, asking him proofs in support of what he said, but he did not receive them. Asked whether other government revisions follow, the prime minister replied:

„Revisions are possible any time, they are not discussed they are done. Last but not least, the head of Government Government will consult president Traian Basescu as regards the appointment of a new minister after the expiry of the deadline of 24 hours.


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