PM Emil Boc informs coalition on plan to reshuffle Nica

Premier Emil Boc has informed and consulted on Monday the ruling coalition (formed of Democrat Liberal Party, PD-L and Social Democratic Party, PSD) on his plan to reshuffle Minister of Interior Dan Nica.

The Prime Minister announced he asked PSD to come up with another proposal, within 24 hours, for the future holder of the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) portfolio.

The Executive’s head pointed out that one of the reasons for his reshuffle plan is that, „unfortunately, the street escaped any control”, Boc underlining that the citizens’ safety is one of the goals included in the ruling coalition’s programme.
Boc reminded at the same time the statements made by Minister Dan Nica referring to an eventual fraud in the 2009 presidential elections, through the use of electoral tourism.

„The Minister of Interior made a statement, according to which someone is preparing election frauds through the electoral tourism. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this statement could not be confirmed. It is a serious statement which places the presidential election legitimacy under a big question mark”, explained Emil Boc.

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