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Reshuffle of Dan Nica shows desperation of Traian Basescu

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc’s intention to reshuffle the Minister of Interior Vice Premier Dan Nica represents a gesture betraying how desperate President Traian Basescu is right now, with the Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, partner in the governing coalition with the Democratic-Liberal Party – PD-L) to meet on Monday afternoon to discuss on the new situation created, the PSD leader Mircea Geoana announced on Monday.

The PSD leader also underlined that Vice Premier Dan Nica did nothing wrong. Mircea Geoana said that the Premier proposed as interim at the Ministry of Interior the incumbent Minister of Development Vasile Blaga, who is also the same person „coordinating the PD- L campaign” for the upcoming presidential elections.

On the other hand, the Social Democratic leader said that it was „scandalous” the fact that, at the coalition’s meeting on Monday morning, the partners from he PD-L reproached PSD its participation in the Udrea and Iacob-Ridzi committees.

„Obviously, this was a gesture showing the desperation of Traian Basescu and his desperate attempt to pull the strings of power and the instruments to help him fraud the elections.
More than than, Vice Premier Dan Nica did nothing wrong, neither in his capacity as Prime Minister, nor as Minister of Interior, while he was forced to dealt with the very difficult conditions of a low budget and also being put in the situation to re-balance political situation.

We believe this gesture represents a new confirmation of the irresponsible manner in which Traian Basescu did his job as President. We all know that PD, which today is PD-L, has a long history in destroying the coalitions it makes at the beginning and, once again, Traian Basescu showed that he is completely ignoring the national interest, while without hesitation or scruple, he throws Romania in the most severe political crisis and in an unseen economic and social crisis,” Geoana said.

The National Executive Committee of PSD is going to meet to analyse the new situation created „in a calm and rational manner”, the Social Democratic leader said.
„It is obvious Traian Basescu’s intention to fraud the elections, while he is also upset for people close to him were being under investigation,” Mircea Geoana completed.


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