Romania supporting Montenegro’s accession to the EU

Romania’s Minister for European Affairs Vasile Puscas on Monday voiced Romania’s support for Montenegro’s bid to accede to the European Union, at a meeting with a visiting delegation of the Committee on International Affairs and European Integration of the Montenegrin Parliament headed by the committee’s chair Miodrag Vukovic.

The officials of the Montenegrin parliamentary Committee on International Affairs and European Integration voiced wish to exchange good practices, particularly in matter related to European integration.

The Romanian Department for European Affairs says in a press release that Romania’s ratifying the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between Montenegro and the European Union is relevant to Montenegro’s accession to the European Union.

‘Today’s European Union is different from what is was 10 years ago and it will be very different when we hope Montenegro accedes to it. That is why you have to consider approaching this option as one of domestic policy and not just foreign policy.

It is very important now that a wider dialogue with the citizens be conducted, through public debates, which will show the impact and effects of the European integration process on the population. First of all it takes a citizen-oriented approach to the benefit of citizens because, as you know, membership quality is the result of internal preparations,’ Puscas told the visiting Montenegrin officials.

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