Traian Basescu: Socar gets extended in EU through Romania

President Traian Basescu announced on Monday, during a press statement held together with his Azeri counterpart Ilham Aliyev that Socar, the state oil company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has into view the extension of its activity to the EU, through Romania.

The national Azeri company Socar intends to extend its activity to the European Union, through Romania. The project can get materialized, in Socar’s view, through the increase of the Romanian crude oil storing capacity in the port of Constanta, for Socar to be able to direct its crude oil resources to two use possibilities.

One would be the refining of the transited oil through Constanta in the refineries in Romania and the creation of a distribution network of Socar to the European Union, the second would be the pomping of high quantities of crude oil to Trieste through the port of Constanta,” said Basescu.

The head of state added in this respect that at Supsa, in Georgia, there is a terminal that can receive high capacity ships.
„I mention as an argument of this possibility that at Supsa, in Georgia, there is a terminal that can receive high capacity ships through which crude oil is transited from the Caspian area, Azeri crude oil included, and loaded ships are exported, transiting the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles through Europe.

I, for one, I have loaded a ship of 160 thousand tonnes at Supsa,” he said. Basescu also stressed that a cooperation in the field of energy between the two states is aimed both at the cooperation as regards the Nabucco project and the Constanta-Trieste crude oil pipeline.

For his part, president Ilham Alyev mentioned that Azerbaijan backed up and continues to back up the Constanta-Treiste and Nabucco projects.
„Of course, we have talked also about Constanta-Trieste and about Nabucco, during the official and the one-on-one talks and Azerbaijan supported and continues to support the Constanta¬Trieste and Nabucco projects.” said Illham Aliyev, during the press statement held together with president Traian Basescu.

He mentioned that Azerbaijan has important resources of oil and natural gas, that can be successfully transported to the European markets.
„If the transit agreements are signed, which have to be signed with part of the countries involved, the transport of oil and natural gas towards Europe can be made without problems.

The diversification of the energy resources is important both for the producers and for the consumers. I am happy that the points of view of Romania and Ajerbaijan coincide in this respect and I am convinced that Nabucco and the other projects I have talked of can be implemented in the future,” said the Azeri head of state.

Also Ilham Aliyev reminded that there is a cooperation memorandum in the energy field, signed between Azerbaijan and the EU and he thanked Romania and president Basescu for having supported the development and consolidation of the relations between Azerbaijan and the EU.
„From our experience, we have noticed that all the projects initiated, begun and proposed by Azerbaijan can be beneficial for other projects, that can be launched in the future.

If the Baku-Tbilisi¬Erzurum pipeline had not been built, we could not talk about bringing the Azeri natural gas to the European Union, because the construction of the Nabucco pipeline is a result of the development of the infrastructure of natural gas and oil of Azerbaijan.

We can see in this way that a project that has been successful leads to other projects, so that the success of the Nabucco pipeline would lead to the building of new pipelines and new connected projects in the region,” the Azeri president also said.

On Monday, at the Cotroceni presidential Palace, presidents Basescu and Aliyev signed a declaration for a strategic partnership between Romania and Azerbaijan.

Signed was also an agreement between the government of Romania and that of Azerbaijan regarding the cooperation in fighting organized cross-border crime and international terrorism, as well as an agreement on the cooperation in preventing, limiting and removing disasters.

Also, initialled was a memorandum of understanding between the ministry of communications of Romania and that of Azerbaijan, as well as a memorandum between the ministry of the environment of Romania and that of ecology and natural resources of Azerbaijan, in the protection of the environment.

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