Basescu: My vision on Romania’s future starts with state’s modernization

Despite that the truth must be told, we must recognize that the Romanian society is not yet prepared to accept the cruel truth, stated on Tuesday, in Targu Mures (center) President Traian Basescu on the occasion of a debate focused on ‘Romania in 2020 – prospects for the future’, organized by Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The head of state pointed out that the original sin could be found in 1990, with the original democracy, a noxious idea with visible effects today, but he thinks ‘this failed start could be recouped’.

‘Nevertheless we need the courage to refuse half measures (…) The institutional structure tailored by the 1990 Constitution remained marred by that context. Despite its revision in 2003, it could not offer solutions for the crises arising in every democratic life. We must recognize we have a Constitution with good principles, we are all attracted to, but which misses the viable mechanisms for finding solutions to those crises, especially the political ones.

The genetic code of our fundamental law remains marked by the spirit of original democracy, in which nothing must be solved in full light, in which apparently there are no crises because they are well hidden. In every system the crises offer an occasion to improve the respective system. If we miss those occasions we do nothing else but burden the future generations with much higher economic, social and political costs’, said the country’s president.

Traian Basescu underlined that this is the lesson of the past 20 years and that we must learn from it that the postponement has higher costs than taking decisions which fail to satisfy everybody, but are in line with the national interest in the long term.

‘Today, the Constitution’s reform is among these solutions and in its framework I support an unicameral Parliament and I also wish Romanians express their stand on this matter in a referendum. Otherwise this goal cannot be attained.
Since the start of my mandate I have launched the debate on Constitutional reform starting from the need to have a more efficient legislative. I think that an unicameral Parliament would be a more transparent, more democratic one and, first of all, a stronger Parliament.

I am convinced that the adoption of this solution within a broader Constitutional reform will lead to this institution’s credibility. Sure, a political class deprived of 171 parliamentarians, namely a third of the current number’, stressed the President.

Basescu maintained that, at present, Romania’s objective is none other than to transfer the moral sense of belonging to this space of the rule of law and democratic institutions.

‘We need a state’s reform. My vision on Romania’s future starts from the need of state’s modernization, from placing the institutions in citizen’s service and, as such, our country will be a place where citizens’ visions and hope for the future are within reach’, underlined the President.

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