Basescu proposes independent or opposition Interior Minister

President Traian Basescu on Tuesday asked the leaders of the coalition parties, Mircea Geoana (The Social Democratic Party) and Emil Boc (The Democratic Liberal Party) to consider for the Interior Minister seat either an independent or a representative of the opposition.

Basescu believes that these two suggestions are likely to eliminate suspicions that the Interior Ministry will try to rig the presidential elections of November.
„I have proposed two solutions to diminish or eliminate any suspicion that elections can be rigged hough the person in charge with the Interior Minister:

either agree on a politically independent minister, which requires only a Parliament decision and does not mean reshuffling (…) or, in order to avoid frictions between the coalition parties (…), appoint a minister from the opposition, which also requires a Govt decision in this respect,” Basescu said after the meeting on Tuesday at the Cotroceni Palace (presidential headquarters) with Emil Boc and Mircea Geoana.

Basescu criticised the fact that certain political leaders, discredited, though their statements, the activity of the Interior Ministry.
„The two parties have sowed the seeds of mistrust as regards the Interior Ministry’s ability to be the main organizer of the presidential elections,” Basescu said.

The head of state pointed out that he asked Geoana and Boc to organize a meeting of the coalition Govt as soon as possible to try to find solutions, following the situations created around the Interior Ministry. He also stated that suspending the dialogue between the two parties was inadmissible.

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