CNA approves rules for audiovisual media durign upcoming electoral campaign

The National Council of Audiovisual (CAN), the single regulatory authority in the field of audiovisual in Romania, on Tuesday unanimously approved the rules for the upcoming presidential elections.

According to the document, the electoral campaign will be aired both on the public and private radio and TV stations beginning with October 23, 12 a.m. to end on November 21, 7 a.m., with the second round to start in the very day when the results of the polls are announced.
The candidates will have free access to both the public and private radio and TV stations, but only to such broadcasts named in the CNA’s decision.

The Council’s decision also stipulated that the public and private radio stations would offer the candidates free access only to such broadcasts to be especially created for electoral promotion (that is during which the candidates will be able to promote their political programmes), electoral debates or debates on such topics of public interest and which are in some kind related to the electoral campaign (with the candidates, the representatives, the journalists, the political analysts and also other guests to participate).

There will be also news broadcasts, which will have the role to present the campaign impartially, to give correct information, while offering the same time span to each and every candidate.
The CNA decision also said that, 24 hours before the opening of the polls and till exit polls, there would be banned any broadcasts making campaign or publicity, as well as the presentation of candidates.

The public and private radio stations will present the voting process during the day, with the following principles to be observed: equity, equilibrium, and impartiality.
The electoral campaign will be carried out under the provisions stipulated by the Law No. 370 as of 2007 on the election of the Romanian President, with subsequent amendments and completions, under the Code regulating the audiovisual adopted by the CNA Decision No. 187 as of 2006, with the subsequent amendments and completions, as well as under the abovesaid Decision.


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