Coalition leaders to convene on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning

PM Emil Boc, PD-L president convened leaders of the Coalition in a meeting on Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. or on Wednesday morning, said PD-L (Democrat Liberal Party) first vice-president, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu.

‘PD-L president convened the Coalition at 9 p.m. today or tomorrow morning, giving the PSD (Social Democratic Party) colleagues the liberty to choose which term they prefer best. I hope that, based on the protocol the meeting should take place and that we will discuss about the issues approached by President Traian Basescu,’ said Minister Videanu.

The democrat-liberal leader said that for the time being, PD-L will not discuss with the opposition parties about the designation of an interior minister from opposition neither will invite their representatives to the meeting of the Colition.
‘Our first obligation is to find a solution within the Coalition and only if we don’t find the solution, the parties will have the liberty to to look for optimal solutions for each,’ said Videanu.

He said that PD-L hasn’t yet thought to an independent for the interior ministry. The democrat-liberal minister couldn’t say what would happen if PSD did not participate in the meeting of the Coalition’s leaders. ‘Hard to say, but we have a protocol which I believe everyone of us has signed in good faith,’ said Videanu.

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