Dacia enters French market niches

The Romanian Automobile Dacia car maker added the Logan freezing van and the Logan Pick-up with a dump-bin to the utility vehicles range it sells in France, starting this September, the Ziarul financiar daily informs.

Dacia increased by 33.8 percent its sales on the French market, where it sold 37,669 cars and utility vehicles, this year. France is Dacia’s second-biggest export market, after Germany.

Dacia expects about 10 percent of the total number of the utility vehicles it produces to have their bodywork re-made, afterwards. Companies like Romturing and Cautis JB 93 are the biggest bodywork makers in Romania, the newspaper says on.

According to the Dacia officials, the utility vehicles derived from Logan Van and Pick-up are manufactured by Dacia’s partners from France, after the pattern it also uses in Romania. From the selected body makers, Renault mentioned companies such as ECP and Kolle. The Logan MCV, equipped with a lift platform for disabled PM Boc is waiting for PSD proposal for interior portfolio till 1 p.m.

PM Emil Boc announced on Tuesday he would put forward President Traian Basescu the proposal to remove vice-Premier and Minister of Administration and Interior Dan Nica after 1 p.m., and he would be waiting for a caretaker minister to be named by the Social Democrats by then.

The announcement by the head of the Romanian Government comes 24 hours after he had asked the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to nominate another minister for the portfolio, but the party failed making the proposal by 10:50 a.m., when the deadline ran out.passengers, is developed by the Renault Tech division.
The start prices for the five versions of light utility vehicles for small companies range between 9,090 and 13,890 euros pre-VAT, in France.

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