Dan Nica: I learnt about my reshuffle two months ago

Romanian Minister of Administration and Interior Dan Nica on Monday evening told a TV broadcast that he knew about his reshuffle being discussed as early as two month ago.
‘I found out about my reshuffle being discussed from the media, for the politicians tell to their contact persons, who afterwards inform the journalists,’ Nica said.

The incumbent Interior Minister also added that Premier Emil Boc informed him he would be dismissed at the meeting of the governing coalition on Monday morning.
‘The Prime Minister came and told the coalition: ‘Dear Sirs, I intend to do this reshuffle. And the one Minister that I want to reshuffle is Dan Nica. I wish to announce you that I’m intending to appoint Vasile Blaga as interim Minister of Interior,’ Nica said.

According to him, what really annoyed the leaders of the coalition participating in the meeting were the poor reasons brought into talks by the head of the Government. In the end, in Nica’s opinion, the fact that Vasile Blaga was already proposed for interim shows that the real stake of the reshuffle is represented by the Ministry and not by the Minister.

‘We expected a reshuffle to be a more sophisticated process. We expected the Premier at least trying to save the appearances. But we didn’t expect things to happen like that; we didn’t expected he proposed as the interim Minister of Administration and Interior the very person who is leading the incumbent President’s electoral campaign.

And this is what tells us that what is really in stake here is the Ministry itself, and not the Minister, with the other explanations being either irrelevant either untrue. You see thus that our reaction is justified,’ Nica said.

Moreover, he specified that he was invited by the Prime Minister to justify his allegations related to a fraud being planned for the presidential election (the Minister referred specifically to multiple voting), but he also added that the meeting at the Victoria Palace ‘didn’t last more than 5 minutes’ and that the Prime Minister didn’t ask him for any official documents.

The head of the Government on Saturday called the Ministry of Administration and Interior Dan Nica to ask him for explanations related to his latest allegations a possible fraud was being planned for the upcoming presidential elections (by multiple voting), reads a release of the Government.

According to the Executive’s press office, ‘faced with the vague and quite general proofs provided by the Minister, the Premier asked him to bring concrete data and information so that to eliminate any suspicion related to a possible fraud being planned for the presidential elections.’

The incumbent Interior Minister Dan Nica on Friday stated while paying a visit to the southern Craiova City that the Ministry he is still heading will take several prevention measures so that to ensure a correct voting process.

According to the Minister, among the increased prevention measures were the video cameras to be placed inside the polling stations and the personalized stamps for each section.


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