Geoana: Our decision remains unchanged

Social-democratic ministers will resign from the Cabinet if President Traian Basescu accepts PM Emil Boc’s request to dismiss vice-premier and Interior Minister Dan Nica, said on Tuesday president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana.
‘We are reaffirming our decision and the ministers are ready that immediately after Basescu’s possible approval and signing of the resignation’s request proposed by the Premier to quit the Cabinet,’ said Mircea Geoana after the meeting with the social-democrat ministerial group.

The PSD leader accused the head of the state that he was about to hit a European record and become the president who personally broke three governments.

Mircea Geoana said that the Social Democratic Party wanted to contribute to the political stability, but considering Nica’s dismissal means breaking the coalition’s protocol, the entire responsibility and consequences of this gesture falls to President Traian Basescu.

Geoana stressed that if president Basescu wants a political crisis, then he should assume it and pointed out that he sent a letter to the Romanian president in which he called him the main responsible and instigator of this miserable moment.

Geoana also said he officially announced PM Boc in a phone call on Tuesday morning that PSD deems that the reasons invoked for Dan Nica’s dismissal from the position of Minister of Administration and the Interior are completely unreasonable and groundless.

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