Geoana reiterates PSD political support for Dan Nica in letter to PM

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition) Mircea Geoana sent on Monday to Tuesday night an official letter to Premier Emil Boc, informing him that the Social Democrats decided on Monday evening, in the meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee, to reiterate the party’s political support for Dan Nica as Vice-premier and Minister of Interior and Administration.

„PSD considers that the arguments you invoked, when you proposed Dan Nica’s dismissal, lack consistency and, therefore, are unacceptable. Neither at political level, nor at governmental one, Dan Nica can be blamed for something which might justify this reshuffle. You can invoke at the most a series of pretexts behind which there is a certain electoral interest of President Traian Basescu and of the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L, in ruling coalition – editor’s note)”, Geoana said in his letter.

The Social Democrat leader informed the Premier that PSD considers that the replacement of the Minister of Administration and Interior two months ahead of the elections endangers the fair run of the electoral process. As well, Geoana maintains, the reshuffle proposal cannot be presented inside the coalition without a prior discussion in the Upper Council of Country’s Defence (CSAT), where the Minister of Administration and Interior is a full-fledged member.

„PSD is against the proposal of Dan Nica’s replacement. PSD, including our party’s ministerial team, shows solidarity with the Minister of Administration and Interior. Every attempt of ousting Minister Dan Nica will end in PSD ministers’ resignation from the Government”, stressed the Social Democrat leader.

Geoana reminds the Prime Minister that, according to Art. 18 of the coalition’s constitution rules, a minister can be dismissed only with the accord of the party he belongs to. Under these conditions, Geoana further maintains, an eventual attempt to dismiss Minister Dan Nica represents an infringement of the protocol and, implicitly, the breaking up of the coalition.

As well, PSD President reminds that, according to Art. 85 of the Constitution, every reshuffle involving a change in the structure or political make of the Government must be subjected to a Parliament’s vote. „Therefore, the Minister of Administration and Interior dismissal is not the Premier’s prerogative, nor the President’s prerogative. It is exclusively up to the Parliament to decide”, stressed Geoana.

„Through the proposal made today in the coalition’s meeting, you have assumed, aware or not, a series of extremely serious risks. You risk to break up the coalition’s protocol, to destabilize the Government you head, to breach the Constitution. But the most serious is that you risk to throw the country into a political crisis set to aggravate the current economic crisis”, Geoana told Boc.

PSD President also said in the official letter that Romania is counting on the money from the International Monetary Fund and that all Romania’s political and economic partners attentively follow what happens in Bucharest. „Today, people need jobs and not political and electoral games. The country’s political destabilization can dip Romania into unprecedented economic difficulties.

Together with Traian Basescu you will be directly responsible for the political and economic consequences of the coalition’s break up and Government’s destabilization”, PSD leader also said in the quoted document.
In conclusion, he said he was convinced that Premier Emil Boc knows his legal responsibilities, governmental and moral ones and hopes that the head of the Government will proceed as such.

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