Ion Iliescu: Nica’s removal is an abuse by Boc

Social Democratic Party (PSD) honorary president Ion Iliescu, late on Monday, called an abuse the Democratic Liberal PM Emil Boc’s decision to remove PSD Minister of Administration and Interior Dan Nica, arguing it would infringe the constitutional provisions and the ruling pact between the two parties.

‘What Boc has done is an abuse because it is anti-constitutional. The Premier has no right to dismiss a minister. Reshuffle happens at the PM’s proposal and by the President’s decision. When the reshuffle leads to the alteration of the Government’s political composition and we do have such a Government, based on a coalition between two parties, not even the President may approve such a reshuffle.

The removal must be approved by the Parliament. What Boc did was an abuse that ignored both the protocol with the Social Democratic Party and the Constitution. He may not dismiss a minister. He said he wanted to reshuffle Nica and appoint (Vasile) Blaga as an interim. He may not appoint an interim from another party,” said Iliescu.

He also stressed that „PSD continues supporting Nica for the Ministry of Administration and Interior portfolio. He is not revoked. Revoked by whom? The Premier has no right to dismiss ministers,’ PSD honorary president said, adding that all the PSD ministers would resign if PM Boc keeps his stance.

‘This will lead, after all, to PSD natural response, namely all the PSD ministers resign, it is a governmental crisis and therefore both the Premier and Romania’s President assume responsibility.
Both the Premier and the President are called to political responsibility now, they should beware of playing with fire,” I liescu said.

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