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Minister Predoiu: Number of Romanians under inquiry in Norway increases

The Romanian minister of justice and citizens’ freedoms Catalin Predoiu said on Tuesday, after the meeting with his counterpart from Norway Knut Storberget, that the ministries from the two countries discussed the principles for the signing of a bilateral agreement apt to facilitate the fighting of crime made by Romanian citizens and their transfer to Romania.

Predoiu mentioned that the Romanian authorities are in a hurry to react, because the number of Romanian citizens under inquiry rose in the past few years.
The Justice minister also said that in 2003 the Norwegian police inquired 171 people, in 2006 their number increased to 293, while in 2007 there were 1,108, and in 2008 as many as 1,400. An increase can be noticed, that is why we are in a hurry to react,” said Predoiu.

The Romanian justice minister said that his meeting with his Norwegian counterpart was extremely constructive and pleasant. He mentioned that discussed were technical matters related to the bilateral legal cooperation, such as the exchange of information in the legal field, the training of experts, the expansion of the legal framework of the bilateral cooperation, and concretely, the principles of the conclusion of a bilateral agreement of cooperation between the two ministries.

„This agreement will allow us to help the Norwegian authorities to combat more efficiently crime which has as a source Romanian citizens who are in the territory of Norway.

On the other hand, we are extremely interested to find instruments and support, financial included, in order to support a series of programmes for the improvement of the legal system in Romania. I believe the exchange of information as regards the legislation in force can help in the uniformization of this legislation in future,” Predoiu said.

For his part, the minister of Justice and Police of Norway Knut Storbeget said the meeting with Predoiu is good for the strong cooperation between the two countries in the legal sector.

The Norwegian minister also said that the conclusion was reached that a bilateral agreement will be concluded between the two countries, notably for the transfer of people who have received a verdict.

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