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Mircea Geoana pleads for Romanians coming back to Romania

President of the Senate Mircea Geoana on Tuesday pleaded for the return to Romania of the Romanians who went to work abroad. Attending the Romanian-Spanish bilateral conference „Possibilities to Use the European Social Fund. Support to Emigrants’ Coming Back to Their Country of Origin.

Spanish Example,” the Social Democrat leader opined that the Romanian and Spanish authorities must use the European Social Fund in order to bring back home the Romanians working in Spain, in order to create some attractive conditions for their return.

The President of the Senate congratulated the Spanish Government for the way in which it took action to the Romanian community in Spain at a time of crisis.
„The way the Government in Madrid took action demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to adapt to a difficult economic and social situation, without changing the massive Romanian community in Spain in the scapegoat of a crisis for whose ampleness we are not to blame.

I am congratulating the Spanish Government for not being trapped, as other right-wing populist governments in Europe were, in easily demonizing the Romanian emigrants,” said Mircea Geoana.
He said that Romania did not anticipate the ampleness of the phenomenon of migration and that he was not yet prepared to give a response to such a far-reaching phenomenon.

„We witness the most important mass emigration of the Romanians in this country’s history since Emperor Trajan came to the Danube region. We have hundreds of thousands of Romanians in Spain, one million in Italy and another few millions of Romanians, as a whole, looking for a better economic situation,” added Geoana.

The chairman of the Social Democratic Party thinks that most Romanians who worked or still work abroad are „one of the economically dynamic engines for Romania.”
In context Geoana mentioned that, in July this year, the Romanians working aboard sent 80 percent less money than a year before.

„If we are able to create better conditions at home (services, school, etc) the Romanians will come back here no matter how hospitable our Latin relative Spain might be,” concluded Mircea Geoana. In his turn Minister of Labour Marian Sarbu, who attended the conference, said that a preliminary condition for the success of an activity was the quality of human resources.

Spain’s Ambassador in Bucharest Estanislao de Grandes Pascual explained the Spain’s hospitality to the Romanians was due to the fact that they attached much importance to the work they did and learnt Spanish very quickly.

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