Mircea Geoana: PSD leaves government in case Nica is ousted

The Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition) will come out the governance if Premier Emil Boc will dismiss the Vice-premier and Minister of Administration and Interior Dan Nica, announced on Monday evening PSD President Mircea Geoana at the end of the meeting of the National Executive Committee of this political formation.

„We consider that a decision of President Basescu of acceptance of an eventual PM proposal would equal with the break up of the protocol on governance and the entire responsibility for a deep political crisis and with dangerous effects for Romanians’ interests and Romania exclusively belongs to President Basescu and to the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) he commands and copiously dominates”, said PSD leader.

Geoana stressed that PSD leading forum took note that the entire ministerial group of the party proves solidarity with Dan Nica and, under conditions in which a decision is taken to oust him from the Executive, the entire group of Social Democrat ministers, with the approval and unanimous vote of the National Executive Committee, will leave the government.

PSD leader also stated that the party members view PM decision to eliminate Dan Nica from the Government as unfounded and that the arguments invoked in the coalition „represent political pretexts which in fact conceal Traian Basescu’s direct political interest”.
Mircea Geoana also pointed out that PSD is further backing Dan Nica to occupy the offices of Vice-premier and Minister of Administration and Interior because there is no political or professional ground conducive to another conclusion.

„The current head of state bears the responsibility for an eventual decision to this end. The true reason behind an attempt to force a political crisis is the obvious desire and permanent obsession of Traian Basescu and PD-L to fraud the presidential elections in November-December”, argues Mircea Geoana.

He underlined that, according to the Constitution and to the protocol provisions signed between PSD and PD-L, the decision to reshuffle ministers cannot be taken other than based on the two sides accord and, given that it supposes a change of the Government’s structure, it can be carried out only with the President’s accord and, in the current case, with Romania’s Parliament accord.

„That is why, the head of state bears the decision taking and responsibility in full (…) who, according to the Constitution, has to approve an eventual proposal submitted by the PM in this case. And it is not even up to the President of Romania because, given it implies a change in the Government’s structure, this must go to the Parliament, the sole forum which can decide on such a subject”, said Geoana.

The Social Democrats President stated that PSD does not wish political lack of stability, but avoidance of a crisis set to amplify the social costs.
Therefore, Mircea Geoana made a firm appeal for responsibility and national interest „to those who are blinded by the presidential contest and who are ready to abandon the national interest for the sake of Traian Basescu’s presidential campaign”.

Geoana stated that PSD considers that the avoidance of a crisis of such proportions is still possible under conditions in which Romania’s President will refuse to sign an eventual PM proposal for Social Democrat Dan Nica’s dismissal.

The Social Democrats leader announced he would send to PM an official letter the same day in the aim to dismantle all the „childish arguments” invoked against Vice-premier Dan Nica and in which PSD would point out the true consequences of such an act.

Mircea Geoana said that all Romanians must know that behind the gesture of PM Boc, „at the order of Mr. Basescu, hides the clumsiest and narrowest politicized interest of these people”.

PSD leader addressed a serious appeal to Romanians who pursue and grasp „this political game Traian Basescu brand”. „For five years the same game continues – government after government destroyed on the altar of Traian Basescu’s personal ambition.

This game must cease and the order of the day inside PSD and, following the permanent delegation meeting of PSD+PC Alliance, is an appeal to responsibility, but also an appeal to a merciless political fight for the elimination of Traian Basescu from Romania’s helm. Again and again it is proved that he represents a serious danger for the Romanian democracy and national interest”, concluded Mircea Geoana.

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