PM Boc is waiting for PSD proposal for interior portfolio till 1 p.m.

Prime Minister Emil Boc announced on Tuesday he would put forward President Traian Basescu the proposal to remove vice-Premier and Minister of Administration and Interior Dan Nica after 1 p.m., and he would be waiting for a caretaker minister to be named by the Social Democrats by then.

The announcement by the head of the Romanian Government comes 24 hours after he had asked the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to nominate another minister for the portfolio, but the party failed making the proposal by 10:50 a.m., when the deadline ran out.

‘Yesterday (Monday – editor’s note) I informed and consulted the coalition with respect to the proposal to remove Interior Minister Dan Nica from post. Also yesterday, in line with the protocol on the functioning of the ruling coalition and in line with the constitution, I asked the PSD to name a new person for the minister’s position.

I asked them to do so till today, so that I may put forward the Romanian president the proposal for a new interior minister’, Boc said in a statement to reporters at Victoria Palace (the govt’s offices).

He announced that at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday he had asked the PSD leadership to name a Social Democrat caretaker interior minister and vice-premier, given that they had failed to have named a new person for the interior portfolio.

‘By this time I have received no proposal from the ruling partners, either for a new interior minister or for a caretaker minister from among the PSD ministers. Therefore, after 1 p.m.

I’ll put forward the Romanian president the proposal to remove the interior minister from this position and until that time I’m waiting for the PSD partners to name somebody from among – I repeat – the PSD ministers to be a caretaker interior minister’, Boc said.

The prime minister stressed he was insisting on those details so as to clear any suspicion that his Democratic Liberal Party allegedly wants the administration and interior portfolio so as to rig the presidential elections or in order to organise any other similar actions.

‘I want to be crystal clear: this ministry, according to the protocol (between the PSD and PD-L – editor’s note) belongs to the PSD. The prime minister has the constitutional right to remove or reshuffle a minister, the interior minister included. If the PSD partners cherish this coalition, then they either make a proposition for a new minister, or name a caretaker minister from among the PSD ministers until they can formally name a person’, he said.

The Social Democrats announced late on Monday that they keep on backing Dan Nica and they said Boc is the one who has 24 hours to give up his decision of removing the interior minister.

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