PSD chief Geoana writes to President Basescu

National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), in the ruling coalition, on Tuesday sent a letter to President Traian Basescu, in which he says that the President is fully responsible for Prime Minister Emil Boc’s intention to revoke the deputy prime minister and particularly for what he claims will be the consequences of high gravity on a political, economic and social level entailed by the move.

‘You are the one to have recommended Emil Boc for the office of Romania’s prime minister and endorsed him. In institutional terms, you are responsible for any decisions, either good or bad, that the prime minister you have appointed is taking.
Likewise, it was you to have pushed Emil Boc into politics, helping him to win the office of Cluj Mayor and also endorsed him for the office of the chairman of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), the party that has endorsed you for president.

It is obvious that behind Emil Boc’s proposal there are electoral intentions and rationales that are not foreign to you,’ Geoana writes in the letter.
The PSD leader also argues that ‘full responsibility for Prime Minister Emil Boc’s intention to dismiss Dan Nica as deputy prime minister and minister of administration and interior is to be ascribed to President Traian Basescu, as well as the blame for the consequences of a highly gravity that the move will generate at the political, economic and social level.’

‘The proposal to replace Minister Dan Nica, whose activity within the Government and on the Supreme Council for National Defence you have repeatedly commended, is endangering both the constitutional order and the smooth functioning of the Government that you have approved, including in a speech to Parliament. Given that the National Executive Committee of PSD has voiced unanimous support for Dan Nica, Emil Boc’s intention presages an infraction of the ruling coalition’s internal regulations as well as a breach of the Constitution.

Under article 85(3) of the Constitution, when a reshuffling entails a modification in the political structure or composition of the Government, which would be the case if the prime minister ignored the decision of the PSD and insisted on reshuffling, the decision shall rest with Parliament, and not with the prime minister or the President,’ says Geoana.

The PSD chief also points out ‘if reshuffling happens, it will lead to a political crisis that will deepen the ongoing economic crisis as well as the current social issues.’
Any sign of political instability, says Geoana in his letter, ‘will call into question the country’s credibility before its political and economic partners, as well as the capability of the Government of fighting against crisis efficiently, and last but not least it will call into question the seriousness of the Romanian state officials.’

‘Romania’s partners and the citizens of the country are expecting concrete and efficient economic measures to preserve and further create new jobs, and not political scandals. At the same time, if it becomes real, the reshuffling will cast on this year’s presidential election serious suspicions of electoral fraud, suspicions that indicate you will be the beneficiary,’ Geoana argues.

Geoana tells the President ‘before being a candidate in this year’s presidential election, you are still Romania’s President.’
‘You have a duty to make sure the Constitution is being observed, that the political crisis that will deepen the ongoing economic and social crisis of which commencement and consequences you will be directly responsible, is averted in due time. I am asking you to carry out these duties,’ Geoana writes in the letter.

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