Puscas: Romanian economy should take firmer steps towards integration

Head of the European Affairs Department (DAE) Minister Vasile Puscas stated on Tuesday that Romania should adjust its economic system, so that it becomes convergent from this point of view with the European Union (EU).

„I consider that our country has numerous elements in common with the European experience and I do not say it as a discourse in the culture zone. I would rather say that the Romanian economy has a chance and must take firmer steps towards integration, towards convergence with the European economy. Romania’s option for a sustainable development is a vital issue because Romania should truly have some paths designed on the medium and long-term.

All too frequent you hear that Romania lives in conjuncture, in the context. Romania must live in a context generating a context starting from these medium and long-term plans it must assume”, said Vasile Puscas present in a debate called „Lisbon 2010 Strategy: Options and national reform priorities”.

DAE head also referred to the need that Romania overhauls domains such as research, energy system, transport or environment, but also the public services system.
„This crisis showed us that, for Romania, a restructuring which would lay the accent on the economic growth engines is truly essential. Romania cannot remain in a dependant situation.

It must develop an inter-dependency set in a rational and constructive manner from the European convergence standpoint, as well as from the global integration one. (…) A rational and constructive approach is needed in Romania”, said Vasile Puscas.

He stressed that Romania must be competitive inside the EU under conditions in which the Union „develops the new regionalism concept primarily focused on competitiveness”.

„The new regionalism is set to bring the place, the region, the area much closer to the state’s concern, to the EU concern, but also to the international community concern. I believe that from this prospect Romania has a huge number of things to do, but also a lot to gain for its citizens”, explained Vasile Puscas.

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