Spiru Haret union federation to request EU to monitor Romania’s educational system

The Spiru Haret teacher’s trade union federation will be requesting the European Commission to monitor the educational system in Romania, the federation chairman, Gheroghe Isvonaru, told Agerpres on Tuesday.

He also said that the federation will dispatch a delegation to Brussels to present a complaint. Isvonaru said the Spiru Haret union members will follow the example of the teachers in the Free Trade Union Federation of Teachers and refuse to enter the students’ grades in the teacher log.

The union leader said the Spiru Haret unions will be joining the all-out strike called for October 5 and a rally on October 7.
Officials of the Spiru Haret trade unions have denounced the education pact and strategy in force and asked for Prime Minister Emil Boc, Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea and Labour Minister Marian Sarbu to resign.

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