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Traian Basescu: Parties cannot substitute for the state

The institutional reform means getting rid of favouritisms, removing state colonization by political parties and parties cannot substitute for state said on Tuesday in Targu Mures, president Traian Basescu at a debate called ‘Romania in 2020, perspectives of future,’ organised by Konrad Adenauer foundation.

‘Parties have to be encouraged to be stronger, more democratic and to participate in debates. However, parties should not have the tendency to identify themselves with the state. You see on TV when politicians get out of a party’s Permanent National Bureau and announce the government decided to take the next measures. This is absolutely blamable from the viewpoint of the place where decisions were taken. Parties cannot identify themselves with the state.

They have to be strong by the quality of people they have but cannot substitute for the state. Remember for instance that three years ago a party decided the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. It is unacceptable they identify with the state and unfortunately this happens more and more frequently,’ said Basescu.

‘Getting rid of the appointment to administrative positions on grounds of political cronyism is necessary, the same as the dismantling of networks established by some local mayors of people who unfairly receive social aid, the repeal of some laws given wit the aim of directly advantaging certain groups. Modernisation depends on Romania’s citizens, on the effort and wisdom of every one of us.

It depends on the capacity of the society and politicians to promote and endorse the necessary reforms so that in 2020 we could forget Romania hasn’t always been a EU member. I am confident that the hopes of everyone of us can turn into reality,’ said the President.
Basescu said in Targu Mures that it is up to politicians that all this become reality, therefore we need to talk frankly about the present and that sometimes we have to pay a huge price for any progress in the future.

‘Over the past 20 years most politicians avoided to talk about the present. They tried to adjust present interests without allowing for the future. Reforms were postponed the same as Romania’s modernisation.
I’ve said uncomfortable truths so far and reactions have been contradictory: when you warn against a crisis in the field, you are accused of having caused it, when you call a spade a spade you are accused of introducing dictatorship, when you talk of high level corruption you are publicly shown that you and your family are corrupted, said Basescu.


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