Unemployment – most dramatic effect of crisis

Unemployment is the most dramatic effect of the financial crisis that also affects Romania, which currently numbers over 660,000 jobless, said IRSOP pollsters general director Petre Datculescu, who presented on Tuesday a survey on the development of saving and the conduct in this segment.

He believes that the unemployment’s impact is much worse than statistics say, because the number of the layoffs must be multiplied by three, because the other members of the family had to be also taken into account, and thus the number of the jobless nears two million people, Datculescu said, citing the increase in the protectionism, direr poverty, the salary’s deterioration for many years, the discouragement of seeking for a jog, as some unemployment’s aftermath, among the population, adding that the unemployment lasting longer than 6 months can play irrevocable harm to the individual.

According to the IRSOP survey, the urban population’s pessimism is prevalent and deepens the crisis. It shows that 44 percent of the respondents believe things go wrong, in Romania, and their economic situation has gone worse and it will continue to. Twenty-one percent of them were optimistic while 37 percent had no opinion.

The opinion poll says that the current downturn toughly affects the middle class, the most important segment of the society, which represents 50 percent of the city population, who took loans, have investment commitments and rely on their own forces, and are doomed to lose their savings and the value of their assets.
Unemployment outlasts crisis and maintains misery, the IRSOP official concluded.

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