Government holds Wednesday meeting

The Government is to approve on Wednesday its decision draft on the establishment of the model of the minutes for recording and centralization of the voting results during 2009 elections for Romania‘s President.

As well, the Executive is to take a decision as regards the conditions of introduction on the market of aerosol generators and is to approve product subsidies and those on the social protection granted to the companies, state companies and commercial companies in the mining field in 2009.

The Executive’s members will debate the emergency ordinance through which the instrument of engagement credits will be used for solving issues linked to the health system financing.

As such, Premier Emil Boc announced on Monday he was going to discuss both with the Health Minister Ioan Bazac and with Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea and informed the coalition that in its Wednesday meeting the Government will approve an emergency ordinance regarding the utilization of the engagement credit instrument for solving the issues connected to the funding of the health system. „We have a solution ready in order to be adopted”, stressed Emil Boc on Monday.

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