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Johannis ready to head national union gov’t

Mayor of Sibiu city (central Romania) Klaus Johannis, whom the opposition proposed for the post of Prime Minister told a TV station, late on Wednesday, he was ready to head even a government of national union, as President Traian Basescu had suggested.

‘It is not me to decide whether such a government can be made. This must be established among the political groupings.

It wouldn’t bother me at all to head a government of national union,’ said Johannis. Sibiu mayor says he trusts the parliamentary majority that backs him as Prime Minister.

National Liberal Party (PNL) president Crin Antonescu said on Wednesday that if he is elected Romania‘s President he will propose Klaus Johannis for Prime Minister.

President Traian Basescu announced on Wednesday that his option for the prime minister’s post is a man to have economic expertise and experience in his relations with the banks, as well as with the international banking and financial institutions.

Likewise, he suggested the heads of the parliamentary parties to analyze the possibility of a government of national union. ‘It is the sole solution to cease blaming each other. Any party that stays outside governance will suspect the other of electoral fraud,’ said Basescu.

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