President Basescu: PM designate should form parliamentary majority

President Traian Basescu stated Wednesday evening, at Cotroceni Palace, at the end of the consultations round with political parties, that the Prime Minister designate has the duty to form a parliamentary majority, and in case he fails to do that, he will relinquish his mandate after a 10-day period. „No pressure will make me infringe the letter and the spirit of the Constitution. (…) I am not going to infringe the Constitution at the end of my mandate”, the head of state gave assurances.

He stressed that Wednesday the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L, at rule), when giving up the candidacy for Premiership (in the person of Emil Boc – editor’s note) announced on Tuesday during the Cotroceni consultations, addressed the request to make in its turn a proposal for this office”,

„starting from the premise that it is the party with the largest number of MPs, as resulted from the elections”. „On the duration of my entire mandate of president I always designated the Prime Minister from the party or legally formed alliance with the largest number of MPs at elections.

During my 2004-2008 mandate I designated a Prime Minister from D.A. Alliance because it had an MP more than the Social Democratic Party (PSD), not legally allied with the Conservative Party (PC) at that time. During this legislature, 2008-2012, I entrusted the Premiership mandate to PD-L because it has three MPs more than PSD+PC Alliance”, concluded President Basescu.

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