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Guide of Romanian voter abroad is launched by MAE

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) on Wednesday launched a Guide of the Romanian Voter Abroad with a view to ensuring the correct information of the citizens living abroad of the conditions under which they will be able to vote in the presidential election.

„By publishing this guide, MAE continues its operations as main instrument meant to support the election as they were established by legal provisions. We have not established the rules of the game, but at the same time we assure you that we shall observe them entirely.
Actually I think that the citizens abroad being correctly informed of the voting procedure is a decisive factor in ensuring the correctness of the election,” said Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs Catalin Predoiu.

This explanation comes in the context in which Titus Corlatean, a senator of the Social Democratic Party, chairman of the foreign policy commission of the Senate, recently accused that the additional number of polling stations abroad might arouse suspicion about „the election being rigged by Premier Emil Boc and the representatives of PD-L [Democratic Liberal Party] abroad, close assistants to the Head of State.”

Predoiu said that this guide supplied the voters abroad with key information connected to the voting process, such as the persons that can exercise their right to vote abroad, the documents they need, the procedures at their disposal in case these documents are no longer valid or expired, the time by which one can cast one’s vote in the polling stations in question.

MAE will organize 294 polling stations all over the world, by over 100 more than at the previous election, when 190 polling stations were open for the Romanians abroad.
MAE decided to supplement the number of the polling stations abroad for the presidential election following an estimate made by Romania‘s diplomatic missions and the requests made by the diaspora.

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