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National minorities in Romania’s Parliament support Mircea Geoana’s candidacy for runoff presidential election

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana on Saturday, at the Parliament Palace, signed a political agreement with leader of the representatives of the national minorities in Romania‘s Parliament Varujan Pambuccian for the support of his candidacy for the runoff presidential election.

“Today I have signed, with parliamentary leader of the national minorities Varujan Pambuccian, an agreement meant to ensure stability and normality in Romania. I have signed a document on which I have agreed together with Mr Crin Antonescu, referring to this agreement for getting Romania out of the crisis and emphasizing the principles of a Johannis government and of a new way of conducting politics in Romania,” said Mircea Geoana.

He said that the fact that the national minorities joined this political project was another step to what he called during the campaign and what is his political project, “One Single Romania,” in which the Romanian citizens, irrespective of their ethnicity, can and must live decently in respect of and with confidence in the homeland all of us have.

“This moment of support for my candidacy and for a Johannis Government is an additional confirmation of the fact that, after December 6, we shall be able to set up, by the time after Christmas, a competent stable Government and try to bring the bases of a good government to Romania, a fact that has often been absent in the past 20 years,” said the PSD leader.

In his turn leader of the parliamentary group of the national minorities Varujan Pambuccian thanked the Social Democrat leader for his option for Klaus Johannis and for the way in which this option materialized.
“The option for which I am thanking is that Klaus Johannis, a representative of our parliamentary group, has, thanks to this option, the chance to prove nationwide that national minorities can play a very important part at very difficult times and can make their contribution, with all honesty and love for our joint homeland, to its getting our of difficulty,” said Varujan Pambuccian.

He also thanked Geoana for the manner in which he managed to gather round him political groups with various options, which have less numerous supporters, such as the parliamentary group of minorities, which he represented, and part of the civil society. “It is a sign of building and I, for one, was attracted by the people who build, I was in my turn much more interested in building than in debating or dividing,” said Pambuccian.

This is the second agreement signed by the PSD leader after, immediately after the first round of the presidential election, Mircea Geoana signed, together with chairman of the National Liberal Party Crin Antonescu, a document by which the Liberals pledged to support him in the runoff presidential election, while the Social Democrats accept Klaus Johannis as Premier.

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