December 1, in Alba Iulia

The ceremonies marking Romania’s National Day and the 91st anniversary of the Romanians’ Great Unification of December 1, 1918 began in the central city of Alba Iulia, on Tuesday, with the band playing the National Anthem and the Heroes Anthem and wreath-laying at the statues of great Romanian politicians Ionel I.C. Bratianu and Iuliu Maniu, important founders of Greater Romania.

As well, flower wreaths will be laid at the equestrian statue of the ruler Mihai Viteazul who, in 1600, had achieved the first unification of the Romanian principalities and at the sculptured busts of the great Romanian politicians who forged the Unification, placed in the Unification Hall, where 91 years ago 1,228 delegates voted for Transylvania’s unification with Romania.

At the same time, flower wreaths are to be laid at the sculptured busts of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria, placed in front of the Cathedral of the Nation’s Reunification in Alba Iulia. A Te Deum will be officiated at the Cathedral of the Nation’s Reunification by a group of priests and high church hierarchs.

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