Mircea Geoana: We formed a force triangle against economic crisis

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana, candidate of PSD+PC (PSD and the Conservative Party) Alliance to Presidency, stated on Monday, November 30, in an electoral meeting in Ploiesti (south), that during the meeting on Monday, at Parliament Palace, with Crin Antonescu and Klaus Johannis, “a force triangle was formed which is a guarantee for the fight against the economic crisis”.

Geoana told those approximately 1,000 PSD and National Liberal Party (PNL) members and supporters, present in the electoral meeting that the talks on Monday were “not aimed at power sharing, but at laying out some principles of a good governance”, among which the elimination of the lump-tax, as well, which in the opinion of PSD+PC candidate “has destroyed companies in their thousands”.

According to the social democrat leader, it was convened to elaborate multi-annual budgets, with at least a three-year span, Geoana maintaining that at the beginning of next year a unitary pensions law will be adopted and after that an attempt will be made to increase the small pensions. PSD President also said that at the beginning of next year corrections will be brought to the unitary wages law in the public sector in order to aid the employees with a small income, given that “the solution to get out of the crisis is not to fire the public sector staff”.

Mircea Geoana gave assurances that 6 percent of the GDP will be allocated in the new budget for the education. Another principle of the future governance, as Geoana said, will be to boost private initiatives in Romania.

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