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Partnership for Timisoara

Timisoara mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu, Social Democratic (P SD) chairman Mircea Geoana, who runs for Romania’s president in the Dec. 6 runoff under the banner of the Alliance of PSD and Conservatives, Sibiu mayor Klaus Johannis – agreed to be Romania’s prime minister – and National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Crin Antonescu signed the Partnership for Timisoara on Tuesday.

Here follows the full text of the document:

Today, December 1, 2009, in Timisoara, we see that 20 years since the time when the Revolution that has brought us freedom broke out, the hopes and aspirations of most of the Timisoara residents have been shattered by endless transition.
Today, 20 years since the start of the Revolution, Romania is a country without a legitimate government, torn by artificial conflicts, a country on the verge of economic collapse. Incompetence, ill-will and the manoeuvring of interests by those who hold the political power in Romania at this moment have an influence on a local level too.

Timisoara, rightfully deemed an administrative, economic, social and cultural model for the Romanian cities, recognised as a national pole of growth in the official documents of the Romanian state, is deprived to the benefit of communities led by figures submissive to the central power, who are members of the interest groups surrounding President Traian Basescu and the Democratic Liberal government.

Twenty years since the start of the Revolution, the Timisoara locals see their city is always last when it comes to the central power’s interest, the allotment of resources for major projects and the support for projects of a municipal interest.

Therefore we, the signatories of the current Partnership together with the political groupings we represent, pledge to fulfill the Timisoara residents’ aspirations, by bringing back Timisoara where it belongs, to its rightful place won by sacrifice, by labour, by correct and efficient administration devoted to the public interest.
The principles and objectives lying at the foundation of the Partnership for Timisoara are as follows:

Economic and financial decentralization
De-politicization of the public administration
Support for all the projects of a major importance of Timisoara.

In order to fulfill the goals of the Partnership for Timisoara, the signatories decide as follows:
To support Mircea Geoana in the runoff of the presidential election
To establish a stable majority to back a government led by Klaus Johannis.


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