President Basescu: State to limit spending in my future mandate

Traian Basescu, candidate to a new mandate as head of state, announced on Monday evening, in a conference given at his campaign headquarters that, if re-elected, the state would reduce spending in his future mandate.

“The state is to cut expenditure during my future mandate because there is an important money resource, needed for investments, for state’s modernization, for pensions, wages, education and health care. The state will gradually cease to be the greatest consumer of money from the budget”, said President Basescu.
He underlined that pensions and wages will be paid, thus wishing to deny all sort of rumors related to this aspect.

Traian Basescu also said that the Government he is going to designate after the elections will be one proving that he is open to the appointment of technocrats.
“I do not need statements, these are my actions, I had the power to name a director from the liberals at the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), I had the power to name a director from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) at the Romanian Intelligence Service, I had the power to propose as European Commissioner a former minister of the National Liberal Party (PNL)”, said President Basescu, adding that he always tried to nominate valuable people in important positions, irrespective the party they came from.

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