Romanian foreign ministry hails Lisbon Treaty entering into force

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry hails with satisfaction the entering into force of the Lisbon Treaty on Tuesday. The innovations that the Treaty brings both on an institutional level and on the level of the European policies will give the European Union a new dimension on the international scene and will allow better tackling of the internal issues that pose interest to all the European citizens, i.e. the climate changes, the economic crisis, the energy issues, the ministry said.

The Lisbon Treaty will give the EU enhanced coherence and visibility on an international level. The setting up of two new high-level leading European positions, of a stable president of the European Council and of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy respectively creates stable European dialogue partners for all the foreign partners of the Union.

This will allow the EU to strengthen its role of a major player on the international scene and to better cope with the global challenges and competition, the ministry stressed. The Lisbon Treaty also seeks to bolster the EU’s democratic legitimacy and the European decision-making process.

Once the Treaty takes force, European Parliament gains strengthened powers in the law-making and budget areas and also in the area of the political control on a European level, while boosting the national parliaments’ role of players of the European building. The new Treaty will also contribute to consolidating the solidarity ties among the member states in such areas as energy, natural disasters or human-inflicted disasters and terrorist threats, the foreign ministry said.
The Lisbon Treaty is the first treaty negotiated and signed by Romania in its capacity of a EU member after it joined the bloc on Jan. 1, 2007, the release points out.

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