Traian Basescu says he met with Johannis

President Traian Basescu, who is seeking a new mandate as head of state, stated on Monday evening, at his campaign headquarters, that he met Sibiu’s Mayor Klaus Johannis, backed by the President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana and by the President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu for the Prime Minister office, but declined to offer details.

Johannis announced on Monday he is going to talk by phone with President Traian Basescu, who contacted him in order to discuss the current political situation. Johannis also said that he does not rule out even a meeting, on Monday or Tuesday, with President Basescu, but stressed he is sure that, in case the incumbent president is re-elected, he will no longer be designated as a Premier.

“Mr. President Traian Basescu contacted me. We will discuss by phone if a meeting can be arranged with Traian Basescu. I want it, why shouldn’t I? That is politics, to talk about issues. The turn took by the campaign determined Traian Basescu to change his attitude. I do not believe I will be Premier, if President Basescu is re-elected”, Johannis told.

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