Alba: largest bat colony in cave of Trascau Mountains

Europe’s largest bat colony during wintertime is situated in a cave in Trascau Mountains (center-west) called ‘Huda Lui Papara’, where nine species of bats are hibernating, according to researches made by biologists of Cluj-Napoca.

President of the Sfinx Girda de Sus Speleological Association, Christian Ciubotarescu said in a news release that last winter as many 84,000 bats hibernated in the cave, whereas the second largest hibernacula is situated in Poland, where 22,000 bats hibernate. According to the studies made by professor dr. Ioan Coroiu of the Faculty of Biology with Babes-Bolyay University of Cluj-Napoca, most bats originate from four species, although there are bats of nine species in the cave.

The cave is situated in Salciua locality, being the longest of Trascau Mountains, Mount Bedeleu, at an altitude of 567 metres. Since 1979 speleology club ‘Polaris’ Blaj has been exploring and recharting the cave, managing to include it into the tourist circuit, however it was partially destroyed because high floods in 1986. In 2002 Polaris again committed to design the cave for visitors by a European Union-funded programme in cooperation with Albamont Association.

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