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Aurescu: Romania actively promotes OSCE comprehensive security concept

Romania actively promotes the OSCE comprehensive security concept and it backs a trans-dimensional approach to observing the standards, the values and the principles and to meeting the commitments made, Romanian State Secretary for Strategic Affairs Bogdan Aurescu said in an address to the OSCE Ministerial Council held in Athens on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aurescu stressed that the debates on European security should focus on the main aspects on the organisation’s agenda and he cited such issues as a settlement to frozen conflicts, the implementation of all the commitments made and the need to evaluate the efficiency of the existing OSCE levers and their possible improvement, where applicable, the Romanian Foreign Ministry said in a release.

The state secretary said OSCE represents for Romania the natural forum to discuss such issues, due to its comprehensive approach to security from a political-defence angle, economic and environmental angle as well as from the angle of human rights.
Aurescu highlighted the importance of solving the frozen conflicts in order to provide security and stability in the Black Sea area. In this context, he voiced the need to resume the official 5+2 meetings with no pre-conditions, arguing this can offer the proper framework for finding long-term viable solutions.

The Romanian official voiced regret that several commitments made at the highest level have not been met 10 years since the OSCE Istanbul summit. ‘The Istanbul commitments are an integral part of a political agreement that enabled many states, Romania among them, to accept the signing of the Adjusted Conventional Forces Europe Treaty’, he said.

During a special debate dedicated to Corfu Process, the head of the Romanian delegation underscored the importance of continuing the informal meetings in Vienna on this topic and he insisted such debates should focus on a number of important issues such as the frozen conflicts and meeting the pledges made within the OSCE.
On the sidelines of the Athens gathering, Aurescu met Moldovan Foreign Minister Iurie Leanca, with whom he discussed a range of topics of interest on the bilateral agenda.

He also met the OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities Knut Vollebaeck, with the talks focusing on a set of common projects and initiatives on the protection of the persons belonging to national minorities, such as the establishment of a network of the multicultural universities of which the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca (central-western Romania) should also be part, as it is deemed a model in this respect. There should also be a conference of the joint commissions on the minorities’ issues from the states in the region, Aurescu proposed.

Romania in its capacity of the OSCE Economic and Environmental Committee chairman led the talks on the issues relevant to the OSCE second dimension. An important decision the negotiation of which was coordinated by Romania relates the strengthening of the dialogue and cooperation on energy security within the OSCE and the management of migration in the OSCE area, the release said.
Romania also initiated the adoption of a declaration on the 20th anniversary of Europe’s reunification, that was backed by an important number of the OSCE participating states, among which Central and Eastern Europe states as well as Britain, the United States and Canada among others.


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