Basescu does not rule out premier from outside PD-L if re-elected

Incumbent President Traian Basescu told Radio Romania Actualitati station on Wednesday he does not rule out a possible designation of a prime minister from another party than the Democratic Liberal (PD-L) if he is re-elected for a fresh five-year term in this Sunday’s runoff against Social Democratic chairman Mircea Geoana.

‘I definitely do no rule out such an alternative, in the same way that I did not rule it out when I named Lucian Croitoru, a technocrat. I am not so absurd as to insist on a single political alternative, but one cannot oppose when there is a decision to block (the designation – editor’s note)’, Basescu stressed. He said Geoana ‘is under the impression he can win the elections by leaving Romania without a government.” “I don’t think the voters will never notice this adamant attitude of leaving Romania without a government.

He toppled the (Emil) Boc government, he toppled the (Lucian) Croitoru government, he does not want to pass a vote on the (Liviu) Negoita government’, Basescu explained. The president reiterated he does not rule out the option of naming Sibiu mayor Klaus Johannis for prime minister, but he added he was looking for a possible premier he could be certain he is not ‘under the sharks’ control’.

‘He may be anything – a technocrat or a politician. What I’m interested in is a free prime minister, not a puppet, a prime minister who cannot be blackmailed and has no obligations. I want a prime minister who should rule for the Romanians, not a prime minister to do favours to (moguls) Dan Voiculescu, (Sorin Ovidiu) Vantu, (Dinu) Patriciu and to let himself be controlled by (PSD senior leaders Viorel) Hrebenciuc or (Marian) Vanghelie.

From this viewpoint, Johannis too should offer me serious guarantees. I also know other politicians who cannot be controlled’, he said. Basescu, who runs for re-election under the PD-L banner, stressed he would make a decision ‘by consensus with the parties’.


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