Basescu: Iohannis could be a solution for Premier, but not as package deal with readymade programme by Patriciu

Romanian incumbent president Traian Basescu, an independent candidate for President with the endorsement of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD -L), on Wednesday told the Realitatea FM radio station that the Sibiu City mayor Klaus Iohannis could be a good solution for Prime Minister, but not as package deal with a readymade programme by Patriciu and Grivco corporation.

‘Klaus Iohannis could have been Premier for a long time now, if he had convinced him he had come with his own ideas for governing and not just with Patriciu’s and if he had convinced me he had had no intention to make Vanghelie Minister of Interior and Adrian Nastase Minister of Justice. In my opinion, Klaus Iohannis missed a good opportunity he had, trusting Grivco designates Premiers as it pleases, but I will only blame this on his lack of experience.

The head of the state also reminded that he pleaded for a national union government both while proposing Lucian Croitoru and Liviu Negoita and he underlined his choice for a government to be based on a solid right-wing programme. ‘My purpose is just to have a government to be based on a solid right-wing programme and I do not exclude anyone from governing’, he said.

Basescu underlined Romania needs to have a very good government right now and he also added he was always ready to accept competent people, regardless of the political parties they represented. ‘I would tell you which are my basic conditions for making a government in which to believe and for designating a Premier:

implementation of the results of the referendum, which must be done immediately, a firm commitment not to touch the flat tax, a firm commitment to maintain exemption from taxes in the case of the reinvested profit, priority for education and for tourism sectors. These are things that are of a vital importance to me and I would not accept a government refusing to accept these as priorities’, the President said.


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