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Berceanu: Work on road circumventing city of Arad to be finished in 2010

The Government in its Wednesday meeting approved the beginning of the procedures meant to expropriate some buildings owned by private persons, situated in the area where National Road 5 between Adunatii Copaceni and Giurgiu (southern Romania) is being widened to four lanes, but also on the road circumventing the city of Arad (western Romania).

“This is the expropriation of some portions of land necessary for going on with the work on the road circumventing the city of Arad. They work on several portions and work is planned to be finished in mid 2010,” said Incumbent Minister of Transports Radu Berceanu.

The members of the Cabinet also approved the amendments agreed upon by the Government and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) of an agreement for non- reimbursable financial assistance amounting to 7 million dollars, meant for a project on diminishing the risks of natural disasters happening and the financing of a 150 million dollar project.

The amendment refers to the two year delay of drawing the loan, from December 31, 2009 to December 31, 2011. The amendments that were agreed upon do not increase Romania’s obligation to the EBRD and do not bring about new economic conditions, as the project is being carried out, said Incumbent Minister of Finance Gheorghe Pogea.

Another norm setting document approved by the Government refers to delaying the date at which an EBRD loan must be drawn till December 31, 2009. The project is carried out together with the Ministry of Transports through the agency of the National Motorway Company, the National Railway Company and the Metrorex Company. The project plans to improve the efficiency of the railways and of the road sectors as well as to ease off the traffic.


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