Geoana: Attempt of manipulation and street violence, extremely dangerous

The attempt of manipulation and street violence is extremely dangerous for an extremely fragile climate, said on Wednesday president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Mircea Geoana, referring to the street events that occurred on Tuesday in several Romanian cities and in Bucharest.

‘Firstly, I respect the right of every Romanian citizen to voice his opinion. I do not have any hard feelings and I believe that democracy means also diversity of opinions. What I believe is wrong is the attempt of manipulation and street violence, which I believe is extremely dangerous in an already fragile climate in Romania,’ Mircea Geoana, the candidate of the PSD+PC Alliance (Social Democratic Party + Conservative Party) in the presidential race said at PSD’s central office.

According to Geoana, the meeting with the liberal leader Crin Antonescu and with mayor of Sibiu Klaus Iohannis in Timisoara was a moment of historical reconciliation.
‘I am satisfied and proud of the fact that we’ve managed 20 years after the Revolution to hold a civilized and constructive dialogue between political forces which have irreconcilable rivals. I will continue to promote my message of unity nationwide,’ said the PSD leader.


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