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INEC expert advice conclusion: Video registration is not authentic

President Traian Basescu has made public on Wednesday evening the conclusions of the Romanian Criminal Expertise Institute (INEC) on the video recording, where the head of state appeared as hitting a child during a political rally in 2004, in Ploiesti (south).

“The challenged registration contains elements of computerized editing with the purpose to alter its integrity, it is neither authentic, nor it is an accurate copy of an authentic registration”, stated Traian Basescu. The head of state just read the conclusion, saying that the document has 18 pages and announced he will also use this communication in the lawsuit against businessman Dinu Patriciu, filed with the court of justice the same day.

“It looks like some people trying to win elections through counterfeits and lies. Beyond the conclusions of INEC I also have – with your permission – a conclusion: Shame on you, Dinu Patriciu! “, said Traian Basescu at the end of the press declaration given at his campaign headquarters. Basescu stressed he received the communication with No. 181 from INEC following a note on Nov. 30 when he asked an expert advice on the video registration. Through that note it was asked to establish if the video sequence contained tracks of technical alterations, in the sense of modification of its integrity.

The president also said that the CD faithfully presented the recording disseminated by “Gardianul” newspaper. President Traian Basescu asked on Monday INEC to carry out an expertise through which to establish if the images from electoral campaign in the autumn of 2004, in Ploiesti, disseminated by “Gardianul” daily and taken over by TV channels, contain technical intervention in the sense of modification of its integrity.

Otherwise, the incumbent president filed a lawsuit against Dinu Patriciu and the company editor of “Gardianul” for disseminating images where he appeared as hitting a child, the first court presentation going to take place at District 1 Court of law of the Capital, on April 21, 2010. In the lawsuit filed with the court Traian Basescu asked for damages in the value of 1 leu because his image had suffered through the dissemination of a video where he struck a child at an electoral rally in Ploiesti, in 2004.


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