MAE delivers ballot papers to polling stations abroad for presidential runoff

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) has completed the delivery of ballot papers and of the other supplies necessary for the presidential runoff on December 6 to the diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad, a MAE release informed on Tuesday.

The ballot papers will be further redistributed to the 294 polling stations to be opened abroad. Based on the estimates of the diplomatic mission and on the turnout figures after the first round of elections, there were sent 600,000 ballot papers abroad. Following the first round on November 22, when a large number of Romanian citizens living or working abroad cast their vote, there were made certain changes in the distribution of the ballot papers by countries or polling stations.

Thus, the polling stations that recorded a higher turnout will receive more ballot papers, as following: to Italy, where there voted 24,000 Romanians on November 22, MAE sent 189,100 ballot papers and to Spain, where there voted 20,000 in the first round, there were sent 142,266 ballot papers. To the Republic of Moldova, there were sent 52,000 ballot papers and to the US 40,000.

More than 94,000 Romanian citizens working or living abroad cast their vote on November 22, with this being the highest turnout of Romanian diaspora to vote after 2000. Romanians abroad mobilized themselves best at the polling on the impeachment of the Romanian President back in 2007, when more than 75,000 people voted, with the lowest turnout having been recorded at the euro¬parliamentary elections in 2009, when there voted less than 14,300 people.

As many as 40,856 people voted in the first round of the presidential elections in 2004, with 40,149 voting in the runoff too, while in 2000 there were 33,169 people voting in the first round and 16,331 in the runoff.

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