Nucleareletrica sells 836,000 MWh in November on OPCOM

As many as 836,000 MW was sold in November on the Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts (OPCOM), the sole bidder being Nuclearelectrica, according to figures carried on OPCOMS’s web site.

Nuclearelectrica has released five sell offers, each targeting 167,200 MWh at a starting price worth 160/MWh. The electricity is to be delivered over January 1-Dec. 31 2010, with pauses during the unplanned stops of the Cernavoda-based nuclear power plant’s units. Buyers are Electromagnetica (acquisition price 174.99 lei/MWh), Elcomex (171.42 lei/MWh), Financing Team Romania (165.5 lei/MWh), Tinmar (166.03 lei/MWh) and Rudnap (167.69 lei/MWh).

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