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Top 200 private companies in Romania hit total turnover worth 64.9 billion euros in 2008

The top 200 private companies in Romania hit a total turnover worth 64.9 billion euros in 2008, that is a growth by 9.80 percent on 2007, when the total turnover was 59.1 billion euros, according to data provided by the National Trade Register Office (ONRC).

According to the abovesaid source, Orange Romania hit the biggest gross profit – 514 million euros, otherwise ranking 7th by turnover,while the total value of the gross profit of the top 200 companies stood at 4 billion euros. By operational profit, Flamingo International (ranking 63rd) recorded the smallest value – 109,348 euros.
As many as 52 companies of the total 200 in the ONRC top recorded drops in gross profit in 2008 compared with the previous year. Petrom S.A. dominated the ranking, with a 16.75 billion lei (some 3.94 billion euros) in business turnover in 2008, that is a growth by 36.2 percent on 2007.

Second-ranked was another oil company Rompetrol Refinery S.A., with a total turnover of 8.66 billion lei (approx. 3.94 billion euros), higher by more than 75 percent compared with the figure in 2007. The domestic carmaker Dacia ranked 3rd, with a total turnover worth 7.64 billion lei (some 1.79 billion euros), up by 10.8 percent on 2007.
According to the data released by the ONRC, the first-ranked Petrom S.A.’s turnover was higher by 42.8 percent compared with the turnover of the last-ranked IMSAT S.A. (a business turnover worth 391 million lei, that is 92 million euros).


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