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Traian Basescu reveals Adriana Saftoiu asked him to appoint her husband Claudiu Saftoiu head of SIE

Romanian President Traian Basescu, an independent candidate for President, with the endorsement of the PD-L (Democratic Liberal Party), on Wednesday morning told Realitatea FM radio station that the former presidential adviser Adriana Saftoiu asked him to appoint her husband Claudiu Saftoiu as head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE).

Basescu further revealed many of the political leaders also came to him with all kinds of personal requests. He gave the examples of the Social Democrat leader Adrian Nastase, who asked him to find a formula to close the file opened in court against him, while the Liberal Ludovic Orban wanted the head of the state to intervene in the case of the car accident he had caused in the Cotroceni area.

Nevertheless, the head of the state explained he did proceed according to the Constitution in the case of Claudiu Saftoiu, with the fundamental law saying the head of the state makes the proposal, which is followed by hearings and vote in the Parliament.

Traian Basescu also added that proposing Claudiu Saftoiu seemed like a good solution to the other presidential advisers at the time as well. Asked why he didn’t make this specification before, he said nobody asked him. On the same occasion, president Traian Basescu stressed that the Democratic Liberal Party did not send people to protest on the streets on Tuesday in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Brasov and in other cities.

‘No PD-L office sent people to protest on the streets. And I see you are very close to call them hooligans. In fact, it would be of no surprise to me to find out these people have already been labeled like this by the Realitatea and Antena media groups’, Basesu said. He underlined he rejected in the most categorical manner any involvement of the PD-L in what happened on Tuesday.


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