Vasile Blaga delegates Minister of Administration and Interior prerogatives

Interim Minister of Administration and Interior Vasile Blaga delegated his prerogatives on organization of elections to State secretary Mihai Capra and all the prerogatives connected to the Ministry credit taking to the Secretary general, says a release on Wednesday.

“Despite that Bucharest Court of Appeal disregards the Constitutional Court’s ruling, which clearly spells out that no judicial court can pronounce in a conflict between Parliament and Presidency, Minister Vasile Blaga has delegated all prerogatives as Minister of Administration and Interior”, says MAI release. Vasile Blaga disapproves the “cheap electoral show concocted by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in order to manipulate public opinion”, says the release. According to it, “as promised, Minister Vasile Blaga observed the court’s ruling as he used to do”.

MAI release also says that state secretaries Dan-Valentin Fatuloiu and Marian Tutilescu coordinate activities in the field of public order and safety, respectively the Schengen and international relations department, and state secretary Irina Alexa MAI institutional relations. As well, state secretaries Marius Tiberiu Martinescu and Liviu Gradinaru coordinate aspects related to the local public administration reform and relation with local communities.

PSD spokesman Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz announced in a press conference that party vice- president Dan Nica is going to forward on Wednesday two complaints against the interim Minister of Administration and Interior Vasile Blaga for abuse of office and for holding a public office by force.
He stressed that Vasile Blaga was informed at the beginning of this week, through a bailiff, that he has no right, according to a court’s ruling, to hold a MAI office.
Duvaz asked MAI staff to fulfill their duty and refuse to be politically manoeuvered.

Bucharest Court of Appeal magistrates admitted on Nov. 27 the application for suspension of the decree through which the former Minister of Administration and Interior Dan Nica was revoked from office, and Vasile Blaga was appointed interim in his place. The ruling can be attacked at the High Court of Cassation and Justice.
Dan Nica contested on Oct. 20 the decision on his revocation from office at the administrative claims section of Bucharest Court of Appeal.

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