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18 million euros invested in new hotel at Mamaia

The beginning of building work on a hotel complex in the Black Sea seaside resort of Mamaia (south-eastern Romania), an 18 million euro investment, which belongs to the international chain Ramada, was marked on Thursday, the representatives of the investing company and of the local administration attending.

According to mayor of Constanta (south-eastern Romania) Radu Mazare, the four-star hotel complex Grand Sea Plaza will be finished in two years. This investment brings jobs both at the time of building the hotel and especially during its being exploited.
“It is a big success for Mamaia and Constanta in this year of serious economic crisis in which others go bankrupt, you see what has been going on in Dubai in the past few days, we manage to draw such a big investment.

It is a proof of our capability to have tourism and of our trust in our capability to return the money to the investor by means of the tourism that is carried out through this hotel,” said Mazare, who voiced conviction that the hotel would be “a big attraction” for tourists.
Representative of the investing company Spectrum 2001 Daniela Bojan said that the hotel would increase the tourist and architectural potential of the resort of Mamaia.

The hotel complex Grand Sea Plaza will be built on the promenade of Mamaia and will largely look out onto the Black Sea. It will admit 404 people, in 202 rooms, with restaurant, brasserie, spa centre, terraces, swimming pool and other things.


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