Basescu, Geoana explain their view of president-govt relation

Incumbent President Traian Basescu, who runs for re-election in Sunday’s runoff under the banner of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) said at the electoral debate organised by the Institute of Public Policies at the Palace of Parliament on Thursday that the president and the prime minister should be partners because, he said, the government and the president are part of the executive power.

Basescu said the head of state should watch over the proper functioning of the government. ‘If a government fails to take proper action in the case of floods, the president must act, he must draw the government’s attention and this does not mean a row’, he said.

The Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) candidate for president Mircea Geoana said he has a totally different view of what the cooperation with the government means.
He stressed that ‘a negative experience’ he will not apply in his tenure is the premier’s utter subordination to the head of state. ‘I want to be able to ensure good collaboration of a ruling coalition in the last 20 years… (Klaus) Johannis will have the final word in selecting the government members’, Geoana said.

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